Round Rock Campus Faculty Speaker Series

Dr. Christopher B Jenney, PhD, MSc, IMBA, Assistant Professor at the School of Family and Consumer Sciences will be presenting “Addiction Medicine: Innovation in a Growing Epidemic” this Wednesday, November 14th as a part of the RRC Faculty Speaker Series. The event will take place at 6:30pm in Avery Hall, Room 256.

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Dr. Jenney’s research studies the effects of diet on addiction within individuals. Check out a few of his articles here:

Jenney, C. B., Alexander, D. N., Jones, B. C., Unger, E. L., & Grigson, P. S. (2016). Preweaningiron deficiency increases non-contingent responding during cocaine self-administration in rats doi://

Jenney, C. B., Petko, J., Ebersole, B., Njatcha, C. V. N., Uzamere, T. O., Alexander, D. N., . . .Levenson, R. (2016). Early avoidance of a heroin-paired taste-cue and subsequent addiction-like behavior in rats doi://

Jaremko, K. M., Thompson, N. L., Reyes, B. A. S., Jin, J., Ebersole, B., Jenney, C. B., . . . Van Bockstaele, E. J. (2014). Morphine-induced trafficking of a mu-opioid receptor interacting protein in rat locus coeruleus neurons doi://

The RRC Faculty Speaker Series host several lecturers each semester to discuss their research on a variety of topics. Be sure to check the Round Rock Campus home page for future dates and stop by the RRC Library …. Come In and Find Out More.


Caribbean History and Culture, 1535 – 1920

This past week the efforts of Christopher Columbus were recognized with the annual observation of his namesake holiday. Last May, the Texas State University Libraries added the Caribbean History and Culture, 1535-1920 database, providing insight to the new world Columbus’ explorations created.

cover page of Caribbean History database

Caribbean History and Culture, 1535-1920 presents a number of historical documents in the form of books, almanacs, and other ephemera. The primary sources are fully searchable and can be browsed by genre, subject, author, place of publication, or language. George Washington’s journal from his time in Barbados and a lecture from John Jay about the emancipation of the West Indies are available.

Check out the Libraries’ Database’s What’s New page to see what resources have been added. And stop by the Round Rock Campus Library ….Come In and Find Out More.

New Hours


The Round Rock Campus Library will be implementing new, longer hours beginning on Monday, August 27th, 2018 – the first day of the Fall Semester.

The library will now be open 8:00 am – 10:00 pm, Monday through Thursday and 8:00 am – 5:00 pm on Fridays.

The library will, also be open on Sundays 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm, beginning September 9th (the RRC Library will be closed Sunday, September 2 and Monday, September 3 in observation of Labor Day)

RRC Library Hours

We hope that these new service times can better suit the needs of the Texas State University – Round Rock Campus community as it continues to grow and provide more opportunities to Come In and Find Out More.

A Very Short Introduction

In 1995 the Oxford University Press released Classics: A Very Short Introduction by Mary Beard and John Henderson. On July 24, 2018 Demography: A Very Short Introduction by Sarah Harper was published. In between, Oxford University Press has offered a Very Short Introduction to 568 topics ranging from The Koran to The History of Cinema to Sound and beyond.

Cover Image to Blood       cover image of corporate social responsibilities       cover image of Epicureanism

Texas State University Libraries offers access to many, many of the entries to the collection – both physically and digitally. The digital editions are available through both ProQuest’s EBook Central and EBSCO’s eBook Academic Collection.

An interim period is coming up in a few weeks allowing for a few moments of free reading, grab a couple copies from the A Very Short Introduction series and Come In and Find Out More.

World Cup ’18

The 2018 World Cup, crowning a champion this Sunday, has been a thrilling display of athleticism and endurance, sportsmanship and teamwork, and national pride and geopolitics. The 32 participating countries each have their unique style of play, but also their own unique national identity consisting of a history, culture, and political systems. Fortunately, Texas State University Libraries offers numerous resources to help familiarize the world.

According to Gale’s Countries of the World and Their Leaders, 32% of the population of Belgium speaks French. A good lip reader may detect a number of French vulgarities exchanged during the semi-final match against France. Texas State University Libraries also offers the opportunity for students to learn French through Rosetta Stone.

World map featuring Belgium

Semi-Finalist Croatia and Group E participants, Serbia, were both formerly part of a historical nation called Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia reached the semifinals in the 1930 and 1962 World Cups. Visit CountryWatch for more information about Croatia and Serbia.

England is often cited for creating soccer. However, ProQuest’s CultureGrams will only go as far as to say that England develop the modern rules for the sport. The national team’s current run into the semi-finals (as of the time of this writing) has inspired their supports to sing “It’s Coming Home”.   

Between matches … Come In and Find Out More.


The Round Rock Campus Library is now housing three skeletons.

image of model skeleton

These models have been acquired to help support the new medical professions departments moving to the Round Rock Campus from San Marcos.

Skeleton models can be found by searching the online catalog for models. This option is available within the “advanced search” feature. Select “model/ toy/ 3D object” in the Format menu. Or you can ask the RRC Library staff about the model’s availability.

Other models recently added include brains and intestines. This is a great opportunity to learn anatomy or throw a killer Halloween party…..Come In and Find Out More.

Intersession Hours

The Round Rock Campus Library will have abbreviated hours during the May intersession.

image of sun shinning on generic calendar page

The RRC Library will be open Monday through Thursday, 8:30am – 5:30pm beginning Wednesday, May 9th and running until Friday, June 1st. Friday hours, 8:30am – 4pm, will remain the same during the intersession. The normal 8:30am – 9pm hours will recommence with the return of classes on Monday, June 4th.

The RRC library, however, will continue to offer all of the same resources during the interim, so feel free to Come In and Find Out More.

Good Luck!!

The Round Rock Campus Library would like to wish everyone the best of luck on their finals as the 2018 Spring Semester comes to a close.

Round Rock Campus Logo

We would also like to invite everyone to use our space and our resources as you prepare. Located in Avery Room 255, the RRC Library offers access to 38 computers loaded with the full Microsoft Office suite and access to Adobe’s Creative Cloud software. Both color and black and white printing is available. Further, librarians and librarian staff are willing to help.

RRC Library hours are 8:30am – 9:00pm, Monday through Thursday, and 8:30am – 4pm on Fridays.

Come In and Find Out More …. And Good Luck!