Map It Out

Recently, we’ve all been scanning maps of our neighborhoods hoping to catch Psyducks, Jigglypuffs, and Pikachus. Meanwhile, Texas State University Libraries offer services to view and create maps full of geological and sociological information.

SimplyMap allows users to create maps depicting regions as broad as the United States or as finite as individual zip codes. Created maps can be built upon a number of variables including population totals, percent of possible sunshine, or the amount of money spent at sporting goods stores. Users can also search for businesses and have their locations layered on top of the map’s results. SimplyMap is a user-friendly tool to determine demographic details of a chosen region.

OpenGeoSci is a map-based interface plotting points of geological significance based upon articles and data published by GeoScienceWorld. After selecting a category OpenGeoSci will plot the locations that have been mentioned in the literature discussing chosen category. For example: Selecting “General Paleontology” from the list of categories plot 37 locations within a selected land mass that is largely the United States (see below). These plots represent a published study that was done at this location. Clicking on these plots will lead you to the full text article based on these studies. OpenGeoSci can help you see the geological richness of your region.

Example of OpenGoeSci map

These and many other can be found through the RRC Library Website. Or come in and find out more – you never know where you might catch a Charmander.