Welcome: Fall 2017

The Round Rock Campus Library would like to extend a welcome to all the students new to Texas State University’s Round Rock Campus and welcome back to all returning students.cropped-3ofus.jpg

Beginning Monday, August 28th, the RRC Library will return to its normal hours of 8:30a-9p Monday through Thursday and 8:30 through 4pm on Friday. For holidays and hours during intersessions check here.

The RRC Library offers many resources and services that can help you out. There are 11 public computers available in RM 255 and another 27 in RM 255D within the library. These computers have access to the full Microsoft Office Suite, a number of Adobe products, and other pieces of software. They are also connected to both a black and white and color printer. And of course students have access to all of the Texas State University Library’s online resources through these computers.

Students will also have access to the library staff who are available to answer questions, help guide research, and assist with circulation. Librarians Anthony Guardado and Josh Brynildsen are also available for research consultations. Please, come in and find out more.

Meet Your Maladies with Malacards


Malacards is a database indexing human diseases. Each entry known as a “disease card”, includes annotations on the malady including aliases and colloquial terms for the disease, symptoms, drugs used for treatment, affiliated genes, academic articles on the subject (full-text of the articles can be searched in “Start Your Research”), and related diseases.

The annotation, in many instances, concerning related diseases will include a graphic illustrating the connection between maladies and links to their entries within Malacards.

Diagram of network of disaeses

Malacards, with over 18,000 diseases and disorders listed, is a valuable resource and study guide for health and medicine students. Log in to Malacards to find out more.