New Logo for RRC Library

Well it is official.  The Round Rock Campus Library has a logo for the first time since opening in 2005.  And here it is:

RRC Library Logo

There are variations of this logo and variations of one that has a horizontal theme that you will begin to see over time on various materials from the RRC Library.  Anthony Guardado, Head RRC Librarian commented, “We are excited about having a logo to help our patrons identify resources and services available from or through the Round Rock Campus Library.  Of course we assist all students, faculty, and staff of Texas State University and the community and we hope this log will be synonymous with great customer service.”

So remember when you see this logo “come in and find out more.”

We’ve Got History

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 is the 77th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt signing the Selective Service and Training Act of 1940, instituting the military draft leading into World War II.

The University Libraries at Texas State University offer many resources to put the historical moment in perspective. For example, an article headlined, “16 Million Youth Ready to Register: Executive Order Awaited to Send Boards into High” marked the event in the September 17, 1940 edition of the Austin American-Statesman. Older editions of the Austin American-Statesman can be found in the Austin American Statesman – Historical database provided by ProQuest.

cq researcher

The Selective Service and Training ACT of 1940 and the subsequent implementing of the draft is not without controversy, however. Fortunately, both sides of the issue are discussed through a series of articles featured in CQ Researcher, another database offered by the University Libraries. A search of “military draft” will return opinions and conversations on the topic going back to 1939.

Should you ever feel lost in history look the RRC Library can help navigate …. Come in and Find Out More.