Take a Dip in the Cool, Refreshing Waters of Streaming Media

It is too hot to go outside. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it could also be a danger to your health.

Now, one may argue that staying indoors with the blinds drawn for months on end will stifle one’s ability to explore and become familiar with the world. My rebuttal would be that all Texas State University students, staff, and faculty have access to the University Library and its content, which includes a number of databases that offer access to streaming movies.

From the Library’s Databases page, you’ll notice a column on the right side of the screen. At the top of the column you’ll find several links, one marked “streaming”. Follow this link to the list of databases offering streaming media, including movies.


streaming link


At this point you may argue, “Come one, these are all gonna be bland and boring educational documentaries design for academic instruction. That isn’t something I’m going to want to watch while I’m trying to enjoy my summer out of the heat.” This time my rebuttal would have to be, “You’re wrong.”

Kanopy, a streaming film service, provides access to many, many films that make up the Criterion Collection along with many other feature films. And while documentaries are very much available, the films are popular documentaries, made for the wider population with the intent to entertain as well as inform. Recent films, such as I am Not Your Negro and American Anarchist are available.

Films on Demand is another service offered through the University Library. This database offers streaming documentaries from the likes of PBS, featuring their always engaging Frontline series and Ken Burns productions, the History Channel, and HBO, where you can watch the creepy new film about the Slender Man.

Like most databases available through Texas State, Kanopy and Films on Demand are accessible from home, however, feel free to Come In and Find Out More.